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Stealth Health keeps an eye on your clients around the the clock, but without any disturbance to their lifestyle. Its never late, never has a bad day, never gets tired. And best of all, your clients can just forget its there, with no devices to wear, no buttons to push and nothing to charge up.

Stealth Health monitors in between visits.

Clients can only afford so much care, our system allows you to offer a higher level of care and responsiveness with continuous monitoring. Your agency provides the people for direct care, to make observations and provide the human touch that is only possible with a real person on-site. Stealth Health can provide the continuous monitoring that your clients need to stay safe when your people are not there.

How many times has a potential client contacted you for service and then turned away when faced with the price? Now you can offer clients an initial level of service at about 1/10th the price. This allows you to positively engage with far more clients immediately who will then return when it is time for more care.

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You can also participate in the Stealth Health affiliate program: when you sign up a client for our services you will get a portion of the monthly service fee, for as long as the client uses our services. This ongoing revenue stream requires no further work on your part.

When an alert goes out you can provide a response with your people, allowing you to provide billable care when it is needed most and saving costs.


Private Home Users

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Rossmoor Exclusive

Home Care Agencies

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Managed Care Facilities

Patients are safer and save money while you get more revenue.
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