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Managed Care Facilities

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Stealth Health allows you to provide better care while keeping your costs down. The increased safety allows your patients to stay in your facility longer, saving you patient acquisition costs. Delaying the move to a higher level of care helps patients by saving them money and not disturbing their lives.

Stealth Health watches every person all the time

With our FallBack™ systems your staff will be alerted the moment a fall occurs, so that patients spend a minimum amount of time on the floor. Studies have shown that medical outcomes are directly related to amount of time a patient spends on the floor. In another industry first, FallBack™ can now operate in fall-prevention mode as well. When a patient sits up in bed or attempts other risky maneuvers staff can be alerted immediately to prevent a fall before it happens.

And as always, this is all performed without the patient wearing any device.

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Preventing falls and limiting the time spent on the floor saves potentially tremendous costs for your facility and greatly improves outcomes for your patients. Be sure to ask your insurance provider for a premium reduction or credits for the safety that your new Stealth Health system provides.


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Managed Care Facilities

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