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Private Home Use, Aging-in-Place

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Many people are choosing to stay in their homes as long as possible as they grow older, often called aging-in-place. To maintain safety it may become necessary to have enhanced monitoring in the home for those times when other loved ones and caretakers cannot be there.

Stealth Health is able to provide a level of safety and convenience unmatched in the industry.

People love our stealthy sensors. They are mounted in the home and the user never needs to interact with it: no devices to wear, no buttons to push, nothing beeping at you, no cameras watching you. Please vist our services page to read more about it. Click Here.

Here's how it works.

  1. You need to keep tabs on your elder or at-risk loved-one, but you can't be there all the time.
  2. Your loved-one may fall and there will not be anyone to check on them for hours or days at a time.
  3. This situation is very unhealthy for your loved-one!
  4. Stealth Health sensors are installed around the home.
  5. The people in the home can just forget about the sensors!
  6. Stealth Health continuously monitors the situation in the home and immediately notifies you, others, or professional caretakers the moment your elderly loved-one falls, or something else is amiss.

Private Home Users

Health Security for your loved ones at home. Effortless, continuous monitoring in your own home, with no devices to wear and perfect privacy read more…

Rossmoor Exclusive

Home Care Agencies

A New Level of Care. Stealth monitoring keeps your patients safer and healthier, while helping your bottom line. read more…

Managed Care Facilities

Patients are safer and save money while you get more revenue.
Seems impossible? New technology always seems like magic. read more…


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