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Continuous monitoring, nothing to wear

Sensors are mounted in key locations in the home, out of the way. They collect data continuously and send it to our central office for analysis. Advanced algorithms look for real-time event alerts as well as tracking long-term trends to detect emerging conditions.

The moment the system is installed alerts for specific events can be set up. These include times the user should be in bed, out of bed, how many times they leave the bed in the night, length of time that they are out of bed in the night, and other daily routines.

Let's take the example of John, a gentleman who has chosen to age in his own home. Upon installation, his loved ones and other caretakers set up the following alerts:

  1. John is not in bed by 10pm
  2. John has been in the bathroom for more than 30 min.
  3. John left the bed more than 8 times in the night.
  4. When John left the bed, he stayed out for more than 30 min.
  5. John has not visited the bathroom by 7am.

And of course, the alert no one else can provide:

John has Fallen

Stealth Health is proud to offer FallBack™ the world's first fall detection without wearing a device

In another "world's first" Stealth Health has gone beyond event alerts and created SafeZone™. If, for any reason, John feels unwell he can simply lay down in the safe zone and rest assured that help is on its way. The system automatically recognizes the presence of someone laying in the safe zone for a certain amount of time and sends an alert to bring help right away.

The good folks at Kaiser HealthCare's Garfield Innovation Center made this video to showcase Stealth Health's technology and what will be possible in the very near future.

Click Here for Video (2:48)


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