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Stealth Monitoring Nothing to Wear

Stealth Health

Continuous, effortless monitoring that measures your health, with no device to wear.


Stealth Health is proud to offer revolutionary services to monitor health in total comfort and convenience. High-fidelity Data is gathered and analyzed continuously.  long-term data trends are extracted and compared to spot emerging conditions far earlier.

health should not be annoying: there is nothing to wear, ever. Our stealth sensors monitor the human body from a distance, never making contact and without maintenance.


Physical Status

Presense, position, posture: True radar gives positive, definitive measurements that no other sensor can. Is the subject in bed? sitting up or lying down? Are they in the bathroom? Standing? Real-time interpretation of the data answers these questions and more, with very low false postives or negatives.


Vitals and Detailed Health

Measurements are performed 1000 times per second, to sub-millimeter accuracy. Multiple vital signs are extracted in parallel to give an unprecedented view of a person's health. Clinical-grade accuracy from a distance, continuously. Higher-level observations, such as sleep, can be captured with a single physical sensor unit.


Long term

Stealth sensing means radical convenince: its not just easier, you can forget that it is there. After a simple, DIY installation the subject never needs to interact with the device again. Collecting days, weeks, months and even years of data requires no further effort. The totally flat lightweight sensors are easy to blend into any environment, even outside!

about us

Stealth Health's world class team is comprised of the very best talent in Engineering, Software and Signal Processing. Our hardware and embedded systems team builds the sensors that enables our capabilities. The latest advances in databases, data security, machine learning and networking are incorporated by our software team. Recgnized experts in UI design help present the data to our custormers.

We also listen carefully to our customers.

Many companies listen to their customers, but we are in a position to respond rapidly and offer services that others cannot. Our technology is so flexible that we can customize a solution for your unique needs in a very short amount of time, usually quicker than others can simply get their systems installed.

Our mission to advance Health Insights drives us to push technology boundaries every day. We will improve the responsiveness of care delivery and reign in costs while reducing the burden on users by and make checkups an everyday norm.

Our technology is patented/patent-pending in the USA and internationally. It was developed by our Founder and CEO, Sayf Alalusi, PhD. He developed deep insights into various electronic systems during his time at HRL Laboratories (formerly Hughes Aircraft Research Labs) and then at the Wireless Sensor Networks Laboratory (a joint ventrue of Telecom Italia and Pirelli Tyre, SpA.). He earned his PhD at the University of California at Berkeley, where his research was funded by DARPA, ONR and over 20 electronics companies from Silicon Valley, the greater US, the EU and Japan.

We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area.


So advanced, you can forget its there

Stealth Health's exclusive hardware, software and algorithms are patented or patent-pending worldwide. It's how we can provide services that seem like magic. It all starts with the sensors, Radar Express sensors can measure the range to multiple targets simultaneously to sub-millimeter accuracy, 1000 times per second. Data fidelity that rivals a clinical setting, without any devices to wear, ever.

The sensors are flat, compact and lightweight so they are easy to mount and blend into any environment. And for the ultimate in stealth sensing, our sensors can be painted -- another first for the industry. They collect data around the home or living space, while the user goes about their daily routine.

Great, the sensors are amazing, so what?

The data is sent back to our central office where it is processed automatically to extract "virtual" sensor streams like presence, position or posture, activity and vital signs. Our software scans the data continuously for specific events that require immediate action, such as falls or time triggers. Alerts and notifications are sent to as many caregivers as are needed, and follow-ups are generated to make sure help is provided in a timely manner.

Here is our founder, Dr. Sayf Alalusi, giving a live demonstration in the main session at the Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, in front of an audience of about 1000 leaders in health technology.

Deep Data Analytics

Analyze long-term trends and spot emerging conditions far sooner.

Never before has this level of data been available. Detailed lifestyle and vital sign data collected in parallel, continuously. Colleting a year of data is as easy as a single day. The data is stored securely for future use.
  • Predictive MedicineSpot problems sooner, improve outcomes
  • Real-Time AnalyticsSend messages in response to complex/compound events
  • Retro-active ScreeningsInstantly perform new screenings on stored data
  • Machine-to-MachineIncorporate human data into any application
  • Fully ResponsiveData is available when and where you need it
  • Custom DashboardsEasily monitor an individual or populations


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