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The world's first Stealth monitoring

A simple installation, hidden and out of the way. Nothing to disturb your home or your lifestyle.

Continuous, effortless monitoring that measures your health, with no device to wear.

Stealth Health is proud to offer revolutionary services to monitor elderly and at-risk persons in the comfort and convenience of the home. Real-time alerts and notifications are sent to caregivers, while long-term data trends are compiled to give a deep understanding of the health of your loved ones.

Safety should not be annoying: there is nothing to wear, ever. Our stealth sensors monitor the human body from a distance, never making contact and never violating privacy. They can even work in the bathroom or shower to detect falls.


Private Home Users

Health Security for your loved ones at home. Effortless, continuous monitoring in your own home, with no devices to wear and perfect privacy read more…

Rossmoor Exclusive

Home Care Agencies

A New Level of Care. Stealth monitoring keeps your patients safer and healthier, while helping your bottom line. read more…

Managed Care Facilities

Patients are safer and save money while you get more revenue.
Seems impossible? New technology always seems like magic. read more…


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